Yes, you can! You can create a script that will be run in a cronjob that will backup your database, encrypt it, upload it to your storage provider, will clean old backup, make sure they are not corrupted, send you an email if there is a problem and maintained it when you update or migrate your servers. We solved this problem for you so that you can just relax and focus on what’s important for your business.
Our CLI downloads, decrypt and stream the backup directly in your database when you need to restore it. You can select which backup you want to restore or use one line to automaticaly restore the last valid backup. It will always depends on your database size and connection speed but we make sure it's as fast as it can be.
Our servers send you an email when a error or something requiring your attention is detected. This includes a change of the public key used to encrypt your backups, an outdated agent on your server, an error during the backup and a big difference in the database size (more than 20%) since the last backup. It will also alert you if the backups are late.
You can add the agent integration in your code and it will work seamlessly. You can also package the agent in a Docker Container and execute it on any of your servers with how many instances you want.
Our servers make sure only one instance of the agent is responsible for each backup. If a agent is killed (server restarting for exemple) during the backup, another agent will be tasked to backup the database.
The backups are created using pg_dump or mysqldump. The DBacked can be used to restore the backups directly with one command.
On your project dashboard, you can change the backups frequency by selecting from predefined choices (every day at midnight, every two days at midnight…) or provide your own cron expression for more control. The retention setting is the number of days DBacked need to keep your backup.
Yes. You can create as many projects as you want, each with its own settings and encryption key.
Yes. You can select your bucket location when your are creating your project.
The agent and languages integrations are open-source and available on Github: https://github.com/dbacked/agent
The backups are encrypted using your public key on your server, before being uploaded to our servers. We never store your private key and the decryption process happens on your computer/server with an open-source binary we provide you (available on Github: https://github.com/dbacked/agent)
The backups are encrypted with a 256 bit AES key, that key is encrypted with the RSA public key associated with your project. For more information, look at the agent README on Github: https://github.com/dbacked/agent
Only the S3 integration is provided out of the box. If you need to use another storage provider for your backups, contact us.
The agent is optimized for small to medium sized databases (less than 20GB compressed). There is no limit to the backup size you can upload but it can take a long time to upload a very big file. If you have this need, contact us and we’ll discuss your use-case.
You can see the current size of all your stored backup on your dashboard and estimate your bill. We are implementing a way to automate this.
Yes. You can use DBacked with any PostgreSQL or MySQL database, wherever it’s hosted.

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