Your most precious data safety for a small price


$0 / month
  • Unlimited Databases and Backups
  • Unlimited Retention
  • Open-source
  • Storage on your own S3 bucket
  • Email alert when backup late for more than 30 days

How are you billed?

Your bill is calculated from size your backups currently storaged are using. It depends on your database size, the frequency you're backing it up and your retention policy.

At the end of the month, this average cumulative size of all the backups during this period will be used to calculate your bill. The first 10GB are included in $5 flat fee for the month.

For example, if your database backup (compressed and without indexes) weights 500MB, you backup it twice a day and keep the backup for 2 month, the total storage used will be: 0.500GB × 2 backups/day × 60 days = 60GB Your bill will be: $5 + ( 60GB - 10GB ) × $0.30/GB = $20 / month

Backup before it's too late

Register and install DBacked on your server in 5 minutes and be sure you'll never lose your clients data.

Open-source plan on Github. 30-day trial, no card needed