Bulletproof database backups in 5 minutes
DBacked creates, encrypts and stores your database backups and alerts you if something's wrong before it's too late
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Security first

Security is our number one priority. We did everything possible to be sure your data will never be leaked and you'll always have access to it when needed.

  • E2E encryption between the backup and restore process
  • Auditable open-source client
  • We have no way to decrypt your data, you're the only one with the key
  • GDPR compliant

More information on the Security page.

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Installed in 60 seconds

Just one line to copy/paste in your terminal and you'll be sure your database is safely backed up!

  • Interactive command line installation
  • No configuration file editing needed
  • Bring your own S3 Bucket or let us manage the storage with the Pro plan
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Always monitored, always ready to restore

Your backups are checked continuously. Never again discover that your backups stopped 6 months ago when you need them now.

  • Continuous backup testing
  • Alerting if a problem is detected
  • Ultra-fast restore
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Works everywhere

The DBacked agent is compatible even if your servers don't have a public IP address or SSH access.

  • Compatible with Docker
  • Distributed scheduler to prevent single-point-of-failure on your servers
  • No crontab needed
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Setup in just a few lines of code

// npm install --save dbacked
const dbacked = require('dbacked-agent');
  apikey: 'YOUR_API_KEY',
  dbType: 'pg', // or can be 'mysql'
  db: {
    host: 'YOUR_DB_HOST',
    user: 'YOUR_DB_USER',
    password: 'YOUR_DB_PASSWORD',
    database: 'YOUR_DATABASE_NAME',
docker run -d geekuillaume/dbacked dbacked start-agent
--apikey YOUR_API_KEY \
--db-type pg --db-host YOUR_DB_HOST --db-username YOUR_DB_USERNAME \
--db-password YOUR_DB_PASSWORD --db-name YOUR_DB_NAME
wget https://dl.dbacked.com/dbacked
chmod +x ./dbacked
sudo ./dbacked install-agent



$0 / month
  • Unlimited Databases and Backups
  • Unlimited Retention
  • Open-source
  • Storage on your own S3 bucket
  • Email alert when backup late for more than 30 days

Backup before it's too late

Register and install DBacked on your server in 5 minutes and be sure you'll never lose your clients data.

Open-source plan on Github. 30-day trial, no card needed